The World Indigenous Forum (WIF) is the largest indigenous-focused conference in the world. We exist to support indigenous business owners globally – and to connect them with expert knowledge, international markets and the investment partners they need to finance and scale their businesses.

Today, the 476 million indigenous people across 90 nations represent a mammoth global trading partner that all impact businesses and conscious investors would be well-advised to recognise and engage with. With a legacy of centuries of inequality, these amazing communities need increasing ethical investments to prosper.

The WIF links indigenous leaders, politicians and indigenous rights advocates together with local indigenous business owners and leading investors to create partnerships that promote, protect and/or preserve indigenous prosperity, autonomy and economic justice.

Today, indigenous peoples also own or control a quarter of the world’s landmass and are the guardians of 80% of Mother Earth’s remaining biodiversity. This is why, at the WIF, we also focus on driving indigenous wisdom to the forefront of the world’s international agendas on economy and climate.

This work could not be more important - and we welcome your support.

Please join us ONLINE on 18-19 November 2020 as we host world leaders, governments, impact investors and leading indigenous businesses to create strategies to regenerate and scale indigenous economies on indigenous peoples’ terms while protecting Mother Earth and all life. Attendance is free.

Blueprints Background

Our mission is to establish dignity in economic development by becoming trusted to secure an equitable share for rural and indigenous peoples. We mediate with the Western world to ensure indigenous businesses gain fair access to FINANCE, KNOWLEDGE and MARKETS.

By turning the entire model on its head, we can create high returns and stable growth – and ensure a fairer future for all.

If you’re looking for ethical investment opportunities or for investment to scale your own indigenous business, find out more about our 50:50 model today: https://blueprints.org.

Our Founders Story

Here’s an inspirational message from our Founder Tamara Lakomy. She is part of the indigenous community and was a key speaker at the World Indigenous Business Forum 2019. Here, she explains how the 50:50 model championed by Blueprints will give indigenous people dignity in economic development, and what we can do moving forward to support this.