Deloitte Canada Reconciliation Action Plan

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The Deloitte Canada Reconciliation Action Plan

As a follow-up to our 2019 Indigenous impact report, Deloitte has developed and committed to a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). It answers the call to act made to the business community by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, one of the 94 calls to action the commission issued in 2015.

The first of its kind to be published in corporate Canada, this RAP is our pledge to follow a path to reconciliation by fostering meaningful and lasting relationships in working with Indigenous peoples, clients, and communities. It represents our commitment to Indigenous peoples and communities, which we will embed throughout our business. And while it is Deloitte’s plan, we believe it is a foundation upon which all Canadian citizens and business leaders can build harmonious and genuine partnerships based on mutual respect and cooperation.

For Canada to move forward, we must create a more equitable society, one that respects the history and truth of this land. This is but the starting point of our firm’s journey of reconciliation; we expect to adjust as we progress.

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