5000 Tribes

Stand: 116
  • Biodiversity & Sustainability
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Training & Education

5000 TRIBES is more than just a marketplace or mall. It is a community of authentic Indigenous businesses, designed to bring stores and conscious shoppers together on a user-friendly international platform.

5000 TRIBES is a partnership of social entrepreneurs with a vision of building an Indigenous wellbeing economy through business innovation and technology.

There are an estimated 5000+ distinct groups of Indigenous peoples globally, comprising 370 million people in 90 countries.

We aim to build virtual trade routes to grow an Indigenous economy – a unique collective that benefits our global community of trade.

The 5000 TRIBES Mall is part of a community of hundreds of stores with a powerful collective presence and networks. 
Development, advocacy and wellbeing will be a focus as our unique brand and partnerships promote and support our collaborative economy to grow sustainably and enjoy a prosperous future. 



New Zealand


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