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Ashatec's mission is to provide innovative technological solutions that improve the standard of living. Their goal is to make a positive impact on health, agriculture and energy industries. Ashatec continues to promote health, wellness and life improvements through superior Partner technologies.

Ashatec's vision is to preserve the environment, the oceans and people worldwide by delivering the most advanced alternatives, superior technologies and environmentally friendly solutions to help solve real world emergencies while exceeding compliance for the highest international standards.

Ashatev holds Master Distributor titles for #1, 2# and #3 SynBionic Ayudo.

#1 Established in 1995, Sanuvox Technologies is a world leader in ultraviolet air purification providing the most cost-effective and most advanced independent coil and air disinfection systems in ducts and coil available. Our patented UV systems are designed to maximize exposure time, delivering the ultraviolet energy required for exceptionally high air sterilization rates. Scientific data and study found in Products and Brochures or Contact Justin @ Ashatec.

#2 Created in 2009, FuturVert is a manufacturer of ecological lighting systems. Its objective is to propose concrete solutions to facilitate the transition from old energy-consuming lighting systems to ecological lighting systems as a healthy and fair alternative for our planet. Solutions aimed at residential, commercial, municipal, industrial, institutional, hotel, mining, etc. markets. Scientific data and study found in Products and Brochures or Contact Justin @ Ashatec.

#3 Created in 2003, SynBionic's mission has been to preserve the environment, oceans, and people around the world by supplying organic adjuvants and protective films that maximize the benefits of your agricultural business, while meeting the highest international organic standards. The product with SynBionic function protects, revitalizes and maintains the health of plants in the most remote regions of climate and intense climate on our planet. Reducing the need for pesticides by over 2/3's. Scientific data and study found in Products and Brochures or Contact Justin @ Ashatec.

Ashatec also specialize in legal cannabis grow technology solutions. Ask them how!



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  • Fully automated disinfection for patient bathrooms Less  than 5-minute disinfection cycle after each patient bathroom use Destroys pathogens responsible for nosocomial diseases Eliminates 99.99% of no ...
  • Automated disinfection with minimal human intervention Simultaneous operation of two units for quicker disinfection (In the U.S. : Single unit installation only.) 99.99% disinfection in 5 minutes
  • Spec - FN series Led Grow Light for Nursery Leafy vegetables (vertical farm) and Cannabis (cultivation, genetics and multiplication)
  • Spec - FloraMax series Genetics, propagation, vegetation and flowering
  • Spec - FLM series Led Grow Light Leafy vegetables (vertical farm) and Cannabis (cultivation, genetics and multiplication)
  • Spec - FKX series Led Grow Light Cultivation of flowers, vegetables, fruits and marijuana
  • USDA Organic OMRI Organic FDA Approved 20 years of research and production significantly reducing infestation of pests and fungus such as Black Sigatoka, [[Topic-4 Disease? UNTESTED (Panama disease)]] ...
  • Created in 2009, FUTUR VERT is a manufacturer of ecological lighting systems. We design the products we sell ourselves. Our products are subject to demanding International quality control standards.
  • Sanuvox Technologies is the North American leader in UV disinfection. Our air and surface disinfection systems are designed to maximize their efficiency.
  • Plug And Play Modular Container Save time for construction. FUTUR Vert Modular Trolley System FUTUR VertFull Spectrum Grow Light Box FUTUR Vert Grow Software and System Control.
  • Our primary product is AyudO [E3 in Ecuador], an organic, water-based adjuvant that provides significant performance and cost benefits in a variety of crop applications.
  • We are a global leader in ultraviolet air purification providing the most advanced cost-effective in-duct and stand-alone UV air and coil disinfection systems available. Our proprietary UV systems are ...
  • Designed for a controlled environment requiring a uniform and highly efficient photosynthetic flux density level, our superior green lighting solutions optimize the growth rate of your plants for the ...
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