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One Tribe Indigenous Worldview and Diversity Coaching

By utilizing the principles of our Indigenous worldview, Blue Sky encourages understanding and respect for all individuals regardless of ethnicity, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, physical abilities, religious or political beliefs, or other ideologies. The teaching process will involve an open dialogue in an interactive learning environment that promotes mutual respect for all people.

Cultural Sensitivity Coaching

Our coaching service is unique in providing factual information and practical recommendations, in order to better serve intentional community. We carry insightful knowledge and experience working with and travelling to Indigenous communities that could assist you in initiating a respectful dialogue and better understand Indigenous world views. These workshops are non-judgemental and open to people of any ethnicity, since we believe education is the key to promoting mutual understanding.  We provide a comfortable environment within which to learn and exchange experiences.  Professional workshops are tailored to specific needs and participants may earn certificates.

During previous workshops, people who have benefited came from all levels of government, public and separate boards of education, university and college educators and administrators, mining companies, business owners, health providers, environment specialists, library services, Indigenous communities and organizations, legal services providers, energy corporations, independent contractors, and, many more.

The benefits of a Blue Sky partnership are increasing cultural awareness of diverse matters and increasing likelihood of financial success in your company.



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    25 Nov 2020 Cindy Crowe
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