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The Center’s mission is to broaden the public's understanding of climate justice, illustrate why systemic change is necessary, and show the sustainable future that is possible and already being built in communities across the globe. In order to build just and sustainable communities, we need to unearth the root causes of our current climate crisis. The Center exists to illuminate the strong links between unjust political-economic systems and institutions and the inequitable outcomes they create. We know that in order to be effective, the different threads that make up movements for global climate justice need resources to help them reach across issue boundaries and geographic borders to share their knowledge, elevate real solutions, and build coalitions. The Center’s aim is to synthesize, elevate and popularize climate justice perspectives and solutions while helping build movement solidarity as a resource hub. We believe that providing popular-discourse materials on climate justice and supporting the development of globally networked movements are critical next steps to solving the climate crisis.


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  • In 2021, we will be building out a virtual resource hub for global communities seeking a just recovery from the pandemic, and progressive, justice-oriented policy and programs at the local level. Let ...
  • This work details how the current global crisis in climate migrants and refugees is a consequence of extractivist activities driven by global capitalism, and how refugees are currently not afforded pr ...
  • Climate justice is racial and economic justice. For too long, we have been told there is no viable alternative to the current social and environmental injustices facing our communities. The pandemic h ...
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