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Saa Dene is a collective group of companies with one clear vision: to increase Indigenous economic participation in the global economy.  We believe that empowering Indigenous people and businesses to truly thrive, is essential to the future health and prosperity of our World.  

Diversity and Inclusion

Through diversity and inclusion, we aim to effectively help companies and governments around the world to reach their objectives through our collective partnerships and business teams. 


Saa Dene core is built on an understanding and respect for the traditions and cultures of the Indigenous people.


From Canada to Papa New Guinea, our companies engage with the  local Indigenous people, communities and businesses.  We believe the group achieves sustainable economic opportunities that have a positive impact to the communities and it’s Indigenous people.  


Creating sustainable economic opportunities, that have a positive impact on the Indigenous people and communities that we work with, across the breadth of our Group’s offering. 


The Saa Dene Group of Companies

  • Seh' Chene Well Services
  • SageKeeper Media Group
  • Saalaris
  • Ensaal Technologies 
  • Saastainable Products
  • Acceleware l Kisastwew
  • Maple l Maskawahtik



Livingston Building
Suite 1800
222 - 3 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 0B4

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