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Our Indigenous-Focused Programs are a body-centred, client-centred, land-based, all-my-relations approach to healing, guidance and mentorship.

During the Forum, UGTS will be launching two related initiatives: our new Indigenous Health Support Worker Diploma (IHSWD) program, and the New Tribes Healing Platform.

Through ceremonies, conversations and events, we will explore ideas and alliances towards manifestations of BUEN VIVIR in our current conditions; and the ancestral and contemporary technologies that can sustain this transformation.


Please note these times are only tentative. We want to make this an open-ended, free flowing process in order to make our interactions as generative as possible!


Day 1

11:00- Welcome

11.10- Debra Abrahams: UGTS vision-10 m

11:20- Diana Steinhauer: Yellowhead Tribal College in BC- 10 m

11:30- Manuel Pina B: The NT platform and school- 10 minutes

11:35- The Keeper of Worlds: Conversation with Sonny Wallas- 15 min

12:00- About the NT School: Healing Wisdoms: Embracing new and ancestral forms of knowledge creation and transmission. Manuel Pina B

1:00-  Yoga Session- with Dr Farah Schroff

1:15- Open Conversations

Open Conversation

3:00- Fundacion Pukuna- Conversation and ceremony with Flavio Santi and other Ecuadorian healers


Day 2


11:15- To Build to Heal: a construction initiative by Jeremy Siggs in conversation with Debra Abrahams, Flavio Santi, Andres Jimbicti

12:30- Roberto Hinestrosa, Marie-Pierre Bilodeau,

1:30-  Attaverse collective- Healing Wisdoms: Embracing new and ancestral forms of knowledge creation and transmission. Magines

2:00- Open Conversations

3:00 pm- Healing Food: Conversation and Healing session Theresa, Laurie and Laura

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