World Indigenous Carbon

The World Indigenous Carbon (WIC) is an initiative created by Blueprints, an organisation who are working towards creating a fairer future for Indigenous People.

Part of their mission is to establish dignity in economic development for these communities, and so the World Indigenous Carbon was created in order to ensure investment goes back into these societies for longer term growth and prosperity.

This initiative will be launched at the World Indigenous Forum, 13 - 14 January 2021.

Indigenous People are responsible for 80% of the earth’s remaining biodiversity, and own or control a quarter of the world’s landmass. Indigenous People are wary of foreign investors, built from a history of mis-treatment, resulting in a lack of trust. By creating the WIC initiative, we can support these communities and ensure that investment of companies into carbon credits – used to help reduce green-house emissions and therefore keep a stable environment – are purchased and used as a commitment to conservation, and not just to ‘green wash’ the items they produce.

By committing to investing in carbon credits via the WIC platform, we can manage and control the use of carbon credits, and as well as this, companies will be audited for authenticity and legitimacy as they look to reduce their carbon footprint. We aim to create a credit score that companies agree to, so they can be ranked and approved, and enable this commitment to be made public. This is so the Indigenous people can invest back, using the Blueprints 50/50 model of investment.


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