We have already started to receive some fantastic feedback about the World Indigenous Forum 2021. Take a look below at what people are saying, and if you want to share any comments with us about your experience, please get in touch with us on tamara@worldingenousforum.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

"Nomadic Tribe is the first global technology-driven platform that offers life-changing journeys that let travelers encounter authentic indigenous cultures. Our partnership with The World Indigenous Forum 2021 reflects our commitment to support Indigenous communities and their livelihood around the world… The event was the right platform for us to showcase our vision and connect with business leaders." 

-  Hector Alegre, Director - Nomadic Tribe

I am staggered at the quality of the content that the World Indigenous Forum has provided.  In my experience, indigenous concerns are often viewed as specific to the geographical region represented.  In Canada, some western indigenous groups are focused on oil and gas pipelines, where some eastern groups have concerns around land reclamation or sustainable fishing.  It is easy to perceive that these indigenous groups are alone in their concerns when that's all one is exposed to.  Le Ciel Foundation's The Twelve film was particularly insightful by highlighting the parallels for indigenous groups around the globe.  

Lord Dr. Hastings' keynote provided relevant examples of historical global events and their impacts, and how those lessons can be applied to today's pandemic and care for our planet.  I am not indigenous but I was raised to respect all traditions and cultures.  Each session has provided value, whether it's pursuing education which will enhance the ability to articulate environmental issues with the corporate world, explanations of global warming and how that has evolved to where we are now, or sessions which demonstrated solutions being facilitated that return to, and preserve, cultures while improving living conditions and economies for the world's indigenous people.  

I've been to many conferences on other topics, but none have touched me in the way this one has.  I have a profoundly renewed love for nature and everyone who serves to protect it for our collective future.  

Thank you again so much for putting on this Forum.  The messages are important.

 - Valerie

On behalf of my team and I…..please extend appreciation from us to you and yours for all of the support…, and congrats on a super day.

 - Isadore

Thank you for your closing remarks, it echoes the words of our ancestors, we have wisdom and knowledge of the lands and animals, spirituality long before religions arrived. We have cultural and language hanging on almost to extinction. Thank you for building the forum.

Our mom said prosperity isn’t about money it is about successful living in the environment we live in, how to use the lands as our ancestors did for thousands of years

Presently we are faced with social issues which are ruminants of residential schools, 60 scoop damages to our children.

 - Kakila

The absolute highlight of my day was listening to a most motivating and opening conference talk from Tamara Lakomy - Chair, World Indigenous Forum (best I have ever heard and I have been to a lot). I had to contact my daughter and relay my thoughts that she should  listen to that message-“it is what every Indigenous citizen and company leader should hear!”

 - Terry

I wanted to thank you all- fabulous work! The Forum is looking so wonderful! Thank you so much for inviting me to present!!!

 - Kamal

I would like to appreciate the extraordinary event! In these two days, I learned a lot, and I'm excited to share the knowledge. I wish everything great for you, and I hope I would participate again in 2022.

 - Luciano  

I am so excited about the vision of this event!  Many years ago I was "adopted" by a Zapotec family in Mexico.  About 13 years ago, I was invited by 2 P'urhépecha leaders in Michoacan, Mexico to adapt their ecotourism parks into international artist residencies.  That's where I live now after many years in Manhattan, and that's what I do, and I have never been happier. Thank you for all your important and visionary work. 

 - Jan

You can tell by looking at the platform how much these guys love indigenous people.

 - Attendee

One of the huge benefits of the WIF 3D virtual platform is the ability to sit in these beautiful open-air auditoriums watching these incredible presentations, whilst simultaneously chatting in private chat channels to the people sitting right next to you! It's incredible how interactive it is!

 - Valentine, CEO, World Indigenous Carbon

I would like to express my great pleasure for this very successful conference. The presentations, the possibility of interaction and the setting were very interesting and very appealing. A really impressive work!

 - Michaela