Tales Of Travel: Transform

Transformational Travel Council Stand: 78

"If our journey transform ourselves only we will have missed the true power of travel. The transformation must extend to the people, places, and cultures we travel to. Without this the journey becomes the selfish pursuit."

At the Transformational Travel Council (TTC) we are all about creating a connected global universe of conscious travel professionals who are doing inspired work to transform travel and create positive change in the world. Our Ally community is the manifestation of that desire. Now over 200 strong we are convening a global universe of forward thinking practitioners who are leading the way toward a new future for tourism.

We recently asked our Ally community a central question about Transformational Travel: How does travel transform us and the people and places we encounter? Listen to the beautiful answers that can show you how travel can be a powerful force for good in the world.

For more information about the Transformational Travel Council visit https://transformational.travel

For information on our Ally Program visit https://transformational.travel/ally-membership

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A small token of appreciation for the photography used in the video and answering our last-minute call to produce the video, to Tomek Basiński (photos), and Tomasz Bułas (video).

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