The Transformational Travel Journal

Transformational Travel Council Stand: 78

Learn more and order a copy at: Written by Eric Rupp in collaboration with the Transformational Travel Council. Video by GLP Films. ABOUT THE JOURNAL: Transformational Travel is inherently about leaving our comfort zone and returning with new perspectives. It is a catalyst for growth, change, and positive impact. During this time of upheaval, many of us find ourselves on a journey, most without having to leave home. The Transformational Travel Journal is designed as a guide to show us how to explore the world, near and far, more mindfully, connect with others and ourselves more intimately, reflect on our experiences and insights more intentionally, then take action to create a positive impact in the world more purposefully. As expressed by Phil Cousineau, “If we prepare our imagination as carefully as we pack our bags, then we will experience, learn, remember far more.” Produced by: GLP Films ( Music licensing information: MB01GSKJQNDT0FP Licensed by GLP Films from Musicbed

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