World indigenous Forum to Bring Together Largest Community of Investors and Indigenous Communities

- $3.3 trillion global market opportunity -

13th January 2021, GMT: Investors and economists from around the world will meet this week at a virtual forum focused on unleashing the economic power of the world’s indigenous population, estimated to be worth in the region of $3.3 trillion to global GDP*.

The World Indigenous Forum will take place 13th – 14th January and will be attended by over 15,000 people from both the indigenous business communities and a mixture of personal, ethical and corporate investors. The meeting will also be attended by hundreds of NGO (Non Governmental Organisations), civil servants and policy makers, all interested in the economic potential of the indigenous world.

The world’s indigenous economies hold nearly 30 per cent of this planet’s total assets and, at the same time, own, have nurtured and protected, 80 per cent of the world’s biodiversity**. Organisers of the forum believe that these communities, and the businesses and skills within them, could account for nearly $3.3 trillion of economic value as more and more investors look to create links between the indigenous and Western worlds.

“While often seen as primitive or stagnated cultures, the world’s indigenous communities are creators of very modern, highly innovative businesses; culturally aware, ethical and with exceptionally high standards of product and service,” commented Tamara Lakomy, Chair, World Indigenous Forum. “The role of the forum is to facilitate open discussions that allow businesses to better understand the amazing economic potential of these businesses, and vice versa.”